On Jan 13, 2019 – few members who attended the Town Hall meeting of January 9, 2019 – met and founded 22yardssport with the following:

Mission – To play Cricket in dedicated playground (s) in the Town of Greenburgh & surrounding communities.

Vision – To promote awareness regarding the sport of Cricket amongst the residents and the surrounding communities.

Goals – Short and long term goals were also defined during the meeting.

The short team goals were two-folds: identify the existing playgrounds in the surrounding communities, prioritize and outline the dimensions of the outdoor fields including co-location of baseball, soccer or athletic fields. A 22 yard X 10 feet cricket pitch either on concrete, grass or turf were identified as an immediate need as must-have by mid-March before the cricket season in 2019 (April – October).

The following playgrounds were identified in the order of favorable ones –

  • McDowell Park (Middle Playground)
  • Edgemont High School
  • Gould Park
  • White Plains High School
  • Webb / Richard Presser Park
  • Macy’s Soccer Ground
  • Gedney Park

The long term goal was set to have a playground based on International Standards dedicated solely to the purpose of Cricket (practice, league, coaching camps, etc).

As suggested by Town Supervisor Mr. Paul Feiner, the members nominated John Sunkavali and Dr. Amit Saxena to join the parks and recreation advisory board. The other members who expressed interests and nominated were Tarun Gursahani and Ujesh Callara.

As requested by Town Supervisor Mr. Paul Feiner to arrange for a strategy meeting regarding the need of a cricket ground, the members outlined the draft agenda for the same:

  • Background and Overview of the sport of Cricket (both domestic and international perspective)
  • Short & Long Term Goals as mentioned above
  • Mulit-purpose Playground (s) with a 22 yards cricket pitch aka “Compromise Pitch”
  • Instructional Cricket including coaching and camps for the younger cricket players
  • Other Tangible and non-tangible benefits to the town & surroundings

Organization Activities:

  • Providing assistance to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to create a cricket pitch (22 yards X 10 feet) for playing hard tennis ball cricket
  • Organizing practice games between the local teams – SBH Warriors, NY Strikers, Westchester Bulls and Panthers
  • Organizing short format cricket (8 players X 8 overs) tournaments
  • Providing Instructional cricket activities for children and adults
  • Participating in multi-cultural activities / events to promote sport of cricket, life style and diversity
  • Advocating for additional cricket pitches / grounds in the surrounding communities

Collaborating with other cricket playing associations / professional societies